IPC Lab Videos

Lab 1 Testing For Acceleration
Lab 2 Demonstrating Newtons 1st Law Of Motion
Lab 3 Measuring The Effects Of Friction On Moving Objects
Lab 4 Testing The Acceleration Formula
Lab 5 Measuring Acceleration Due to Gravity
Lab 6 Verifying Acceleration Due to Gravity
Lab 7 Experimenting With A Simple Machine - First Class Lever
Lab 8 Experimenting With A Simple Machine - Movable Pulley System
Lab 9 Making And Using An Electroscope
Lab 10 Experimenting With Static Electricity
Lab 11 Experimenting With Electric Circuits
Lab 12 Making An Electromagnet
Lab 13 Making A Simple Steam Engine
Lab 14 Experimenting With A Pendulum
Lab 15 Observing Constructive And Destructive Wave Interference
Lab 16 Splitting White Light With A Prism
Lab 17 Observing Refraction Due To Changes In Medium
Lab 18 Observing The Reflection Of Light
Lab 19 Analyzing Changes In Phase Due To Changes In Temperature
Lab 20 Analyzing The Effect Of Temperature On Solubility
Lab 21 Observing A Chemical Reaction
Lab 22 Observing An Exothermic Reaction
Lab 23 Demonstrating The Effects Of A Catalyst
Lab 24 Observing An Oxidation-Reduction Reaction
Lab 25 Observing PH Changes In Acid-Base Reactions
Lab 26 Observing An Acid-Base Neutralization
Lab 27 Testing For Changes In Gas Pressure
Lab 28 Breaking The Surface Tension Of Water
Lab 29 Setting Off A Chain Reaction